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WhatsApp experiences disruption globally



WhatsApp experiences disruption globally

Mobile messenger service WhatsApp experienced widespread technical disruptions on Tuesday.

Users of the service in many countries reported on Twitter and other channels that they could no longer send messages.

In Germany, many also reported a breakdown of the WhatsApp platform on the portal Allestö, which collected information on internet service breakdowns.

The reason for the disruption in several countries was not known.

The service, which belongs to the Facebook group Meta and is widely used around the world, did not initially comment on the outage.

Users complained of not being able to send or receive messages on the messaging app.

But the app is now up and running.

According to reports, the outage first hit WhatsApp’s group messaging and then expanded into direct messaging.

Meta acknowledged the outage.

In a statement, Meta — WhatsApp’s parent company — said it was aware that some people had not been able to send messages and that it was working to restore the messaging app.

“We are looking to restore the services as soon as possible,” the statement added.

The Downdetector website had reported over 30,000 complaints of WhatsApp service disruption.

According to WhatsApp, 5.5 billion unencrypted SMS were sent daily via the platform.

The WhatsApp disruption saw Twitter getting flooded with memes by WhatsApp users.

In fact, the hashtag — WhatsApp Down — is the top trend on Twitter.

According to experts, outages were generally fixed in about 15-20 minutes.

Considering that WhatsApp’s services have already been down for over an hour, experts believe that the platform might have suffered a cyber attack of sorts.

Experts say that big tech companies generally have backup servers that reboot the system during a service disruption.

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