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Blackout: TCN Raises Fresh Alarm Of Planned Attack On Electricity Facility



The TCN spokesperson, Ndidi Mbah, in a statement, said there were alerts of planned attacks on the power installations in Zuba, calling for heightened vigilance.

Mbah noted that the low power generation substantially increases grid fragility and such lapses must be covered to protect electricity facilities nationwide.

She said, “Vandalism is a persistent challenge, as seen in the first quarter of 2024 alone, in which five significant vandalism incidents disrupted transmission operations, necessitating emergency repairs and, in some cases, complete tower reconstruction and transmission line replacement due to acts of vandalism.

“We implore residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities around power facilities in the area to safeguard the integrity of our infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted power supply to all.

“Again, we urge everyone, especially those living close to TCN towers nationwide, to please join hands with TCN in safeguarding power transmission towers and cables,”.

While assuring of the TCN’s commitment to stabilizing the gas supply, as consistent gas availability was important to sustaining optimal power generation, facilitating easier grid management, and reducing system disturbances, Mbah said, “All efforts to stabilise the gas supply have progressed”.

Subsequently, she acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the federal government, particularly the Minister of Power, over his dedication to addressing the root causes of low gas supply while securing a higher volume of gas supply and consistency for enhanced power generation.

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