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Niger Republic Coup Will Worsen Food Crisis In Nigeria— World Bank



The World Bank has revealed that the coup d’état in Niger will worsen the country’s current food security issues as a result of an increase in demand over supply.

This was contained in the global Bank September ‘Food Security Update” which indicated that food prices in Niger increased by up to 21 per cent in August.

According to the bank, between June and August 2023, 42.5 million people in Nigeria and other West African countries were in a food crisis or worse, and this has limited poor households’ access to food and their ability to meet their dietary needs.

“With the government’s limited financial capacity to implement its food assistance program, continued provision of food aid by the World Food Programme remains essential, but access restrictions are hindering the delivery of aid.

“Moreover, FAO expects that shortages of seeds and feed and high fertilizer costs will affect the next agriculture season, exacerbating food insecurity, which is expected to persist beyond the lean season,” The bank said.

The World Bank also noted that severe food insecurity is already affecting 3.3 million people during the lean season in Niger, noting that additional seven million people are at risk of falling into severe food insecurity in the region.

Recall On 26 July 2023, a coup d’état occurred in Niger when the country’s presidential guard detained President Mohamed Bazoum.

The Presidential Guard Commander, General Abdourahamane Tchiani proclaimed himself the leader of a new military junta.

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