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‘Go For Data Recapture’— PenCom To Begin Online Verification, Enrolment For 2024 Retirees



overlay-cleverThe regulator said on Monday that the exercise will commence on October 2, 2023.

The retirees eligible for the exercise are employees of Federal Government Treasury-Funded MDAs scheduled to retire in 2024 and retirees of Federal Government Treasury-funded MDAs who missed the enrolment exercises in previous years.

“Prior to enrolment, all retirees/prospective retirees are required to visa their PFAs to undergo the data recapture exercise. that Verification and Enrolment by all concerned should be completed by 31 December, 2023,” PenCom said.

However, retirees and prospective retirees who had undergone the data recapture exercise do not need to repeat the process, the regulator said.

For self-assisted retirees, the regulator said they should visit the PenCom website ( and “upload their details as well as scanned copies of the required document.”

Some of the vital documents include: a letter of first appointment/gazette/attestation (police); birth certificate/age declaration; a letter of introduction from MDA; copy of staff ID card; record of service; promotion letter and pay slip as of 30, 2004 among others.

Subsequently, retirees/prospective retirees are required to visit their respective PFAs for physical verification and enrolment. The step-by-step procedure for the Online Enrolment is hosted on the PenCom website.

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