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Niger govt decries rot in state-owned agribusiness, vows to revive project



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The Niger state government has expressed its disappointment over several wasted and dilapidated projects for livestock and fisheries across the state.

The expression of the state government was stated when four commissioners went to look at the state of several of the projects with the view of assessing how to harness it for the economic benefit of the state.

The Commissioners who undertook this assessment include the Commissioner of Information, Honorable Binta Mamman, Commissioner of Industry, Trade and Investment, Aminu Takuma, Commissioner of Livestock and Fisheries, Ibrahim Mami Ijah and Commissioner of Nomadic and Pastoral Affairs, Umar Rabe Sanda.

The Commissioners visited the Niger State Livestock Improved Breeding Center, Tagwai Dam Fishing Hatchery, the State Poultry Production Unit, the Rabbitry, and the Veterinary Clinic.

Speaking to Journalists after the assessment of the centers, the Commissioner of Information, Honorable Binta Mamman said that the facilities were dilapidated and abandoned for a long time adding that the government is going to resuscitate the facilities to make it into a money-making venture for the state.

“These places are wasted and all the facilities in them have collapsed. A lot of money has been put by the government into these facilities and unfortunately today, none of them are working.

The Commissioner of Industry, Trade and Investment, Aminu Takuma expressed his disappointment over the state of the facilities pointing out that the state is losing revenue from the facilities.

“These places have been in existence for the past 10 years and look at the state they are now. This is what we term a waste of resources because the government has put in resources to set this up but today, nothing is coming out of it.

“Looking at the investment possibilities of these facilities, it can generate a lot to the state. Right now, we will put it out of the government’s hands and look for investors who will take charge of it. We have several investors who are interested in meat processing, pastoral production, and animal feeds.”

The Commissioner of Livestock and Fisheries, Ibrahim Mami Ijah said that would design a program for the youths and women and for civil servants who are about to retire in poultry production, cattle production, production and care of small ruminants, aquaculture, and pasture production.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Dr Mathew Ahmed said that the government is looking deep into pasture production as feed as this is a tool that will sustain these livestock, adding that the state has feed mills that can produce 1.5 metric tonnes per hour.

He said that the Tagwai Dam Fishery Hatchery can hatch and rear 18,000 fishes per time while in the poultry section, the incubator for hatching birds can hatch 23,000 chicks per week.

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