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James Brown questions arrest made at gay wedding in Delta




James Brown

Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the recent arrests made at a gay wedding held in Delta State.

He expressed his views, acknowledging that Nigeria’s regulations are against homosexuality and that freedom of expression is restricted in the country.

Brown advised those interested in practicing homosexuality to consider doing so in more accepting countries like Rome, London, Italy, or the US.

James also emphasized the limitations on self-expression in Nigeria and urged people to exercise their rights while adhering to the country’s legal limitations.

“I am so sorry, this happened but if you want to express yourself, go to Rome, London, Italy, US and express yourself.There is a limitation of expression in Nigeria, so follow the limitation and please let’s use our rights in Nigeria cause it seems like we don’t use our rights”, James posted.

His message conveyed, “Were they caught in the act? No. What is stated in the law is that if you are caught in the act but they are not caught in the act. They are caught on dress. We need to stay united. We are Nigerians. We are one because you don’t know if your son can be there tomorrow. What if you are the one tomorrow. people can make mistake so forgive, forget, let’s move on”, he stated.

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