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Video Of Akpabio Announcing Holiday Bonus To Senators Sparks Outrage Among Nigerians



In the video which is currently making the rounds on social media, during a plenary session, Akpabio told senators in the upper chamber that the clerk of the National Assembly has sent some money to their respective bank accounts to “enable them enjoy their holidays”.

“In order to enable all of us to enjoy our holidays, a token has been sent to our various accounts by the clerk of the National Assembly,” he said.

It would appear the Senate President was unaware that the plenary was being shown on TV live, as he was immediately alerted after making the announcement, which caused him to withdraw the statement and amended the announcement.

“I withdraw that statement. In order to allow you to enjoy your holiday, the Senate President has sent prayers to your mailboxes to assist you to go on a safe journey and return,” he amended.

The statements drew negative reactions from Nigerians who called the action of the senate president an an embarrassment.

They complained that while citizens suffer from the high cost of living, leaders are sharing money for holidays.

‘Godswill Akpabio’ is currently trending on the microblogging platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), below are some reactions by Nigerians.

Another user, @jrnaib2 lamented the fact that irrespective of political parties or tribal sentiments, all senators would gladly collect the money given.

“And no PDP, LP or NPP Senator will reject the money Senate President, Godswill Akpabio said it has been sent to their account to enjoy their Holiday. Religious/Tribal sentiments only work during elections, but when it comes to corruption they’re all Nigerians. Lessons!”

A different user, @Nwaadaz spoke on how Nigerian soldiers are lamenting non-payment of salaries while the leaders are busy sharing funds.

“Nigerian Soldiers Lament Hunger, Neglect, Non-payment Of Allowances Amid War Against Terrorists and Godswill Akpabio is busy sharing Nigeria money to his fellow corrupt senators. Corruption everywhere,” she said.

Another user, @VictorIsrael_ called the senate president a disgrace and lamented that the leaders don’t care about the current economic situation in the country.

“Godswill Akpabio is a disgrace. He didn’t realise he was on Live TV when he said that a token has been sent to the senators’ accounts for their holidays. Situation of the country doesn’t concern them. They just want to steal money.” he tweeted.

Another X user, @n6oflife6 described the video as embarrassing, tweeting, “That Godswill Akpabio video was embarrassing and disgraceful.”

Another X user, @AbbaM_Abiyos tweeted, “If it continues like this, definitely this country will literally evaporate more than Niger Junta. More than 150 million Nigerians are suffocated by inflation and tuition hikes but Senators received money to go for holiday. Thanks, Godswill Akpabio for letting us know.”

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