Cryptos skyrocket, and trading volumes creep back toward bull market levels. Upwards movements accompanied by intense volume signal strength to the underlying move, and it looks like the bear market has passed. Bitcoin (BTC) holds robust support at $30,000; even the recent jobless statistics did not cause it to dip.

The market has priced in the future rate hikes, and with no more forced sellers, the rest of 2023 will be up only. The question then becomes, which are the best cryptos to buy now? Looking at the data, DigiToads (TOADS) and Pepe (PEPE) lead charts as trading volumes spike for both these memecoins, indicating that these projects will be market leaders in the coming rally.

DigiToads (TOADS) Third-Gen Memecoin

DigiToads has rapidly drawn the attention of investors and analysts, and increasingly even crypto media has realized this token’s value proposition. When it comes to volumes, TOADS has already generated $5.8 million throughout its presale, and with the final stage soon to begin, the discount window rapidly closes.

This next-gen memecoin takes all the strengths of its predecessors, namely the ability to climb in value and go viral rapidly. And blends them with a utility model for long-term growth. The result? A third-gen memecoin.

The DigiToads ecosystem called The Swamp features various angles for investors to earn, including a play-to-earn game where players battle digital toads against one another, and every season a prize pool is disturbed amongst the top-ranked players.

The protocol features airdrops for all TOADS holders, but the earning feature drawing all the attention is the NFT staking mechanic. The 3,500 collection of DigiToads NFTs enables owners to benefit from all the economic activity within The Swamp, and they have rapidly become the NFTs to buy amongst passive income investors.

A sophisticated tax system funnels liquidity throughout The Swamp, and each transaction ensures maximal value accrual for holders. The protocol burns 2% of each transaction, making TOADS a highly-deflationary token, and this scarcity naturally accrues value for long-term holders.

Revenue also comes from outside the ecosystem thanks to the DigiToads treasury trading strategy known as the Platinum Toads initiative. It gives the best on-chain traders remote access and lets them build the war chest on behalf of holders.

Analysts predict $TOADS surging by 400% before the presale closes and expect a more significant rally when it begins to launch across leading centralized exchanges.

Pepe (PEPE) A Crash Course in Market Psychology

Pepe (PEPE) provides a formative lesson on the importance of investor psychology when investing. Pepe (PEPE) has no clear utility case, but given the relatability and clever marketing of the Pepe meme has rapidly become one of the leading ERC20 coins.

Pepe (PEPE) highlights the potential of memecoins to rip and, more importantly, how significant a lack of investor fatigue will be in the next cycle. Many of the coins from the last cycle have plenty of bagholders waiting to exit their positions at a profit.

Newer tokens like $PEPE and $TOADS have no bagholders waiting to sell, meaning their rallies will not encounter heavy sell pressure allowing smooth sailing upwards. Analysts’ price predictions align with this thesis and forecast $PEPE targeting a range high of $0.00000360 in 2024.

Closing Thoughts: Memecoin Ripping Means the Bull Market is Close
Memecoins ripping means bullish market sentiment has already enthralled the crypto markets. Bears will soon learn that max pain is up, and the coming months promise to be an extraordinary time for crypto investors. Especially investors holding top altcoins like $PEPE and $TOADS.

Analysts gave $TOADS special attention, not only because its economic design makes it one of the best DeFi coins on the market but because of its growth potential. Presales have made thousands of investors wealthy. Why? It is the earliest stage of adoption. And early adopters always take home the lion’s share of the profits. Join DigiToads’ journey from humble beginnings as a blockchain ICO all the way to one of the top DeFi coins.

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