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Shell to resume TNP pipeline test



Shell to resume TNP pipeline test

Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) has concluded plans to resume testing its main trunkline, the Trans Niger Pipeline (TNP).

AN reports that the TNP takes crude from production fields to SPDC joint venture terminal in Bonny Island in Rivers.

It supports crude oil production from the facilities of the SPDC joint venture and other producers who rely on the Bonny terminal for crude export.

The source said that the company and Bodo community in Rivers might be nearing some agreement in resolving the dispute over the pipeline
According to the source, the resolution will allow regulators and SPDC to access any troubled sections of the TNP in the community for investigation and necessary repairs.

The source added the community had given both SPDC and regulators some conditions before granting them access.

“Some people prevented the company and regulators from accessing the site of the alleged spills but I can tell you that the access challenge is being resolved such that the regulator and SPDC will be allowed to visit the site at any moment.

“We know the SPDC joint venture’s TNP is not formally shut, but we also know that the line has not conveyed significant oil in more than two months.

” So, if it is established that a spill did occur, we expect that any impact of the spill would be minimal,” the source said.

Also, Mr Michael Adande, spokesperson for SPDC said the company was working with relevant stakeholders to enable access to the locations of reported incidents along the TNP’s pathway.

He said the access would allow for a regulator-led investigation of the alleged incidents and subsequent repairs, enabling the resumption of the TNP system test. (NAN)

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