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How to add value to your business



How to add value to your business

There are seven secrets to add value in your job and in the world around you.  Any one of these ideas or concepts can be sufficient for you to become financially successful. When you begin to combine these ideas, you will begin to move ahead more rapidly in your financial life than you ever have before.

Deliver on time

People are often concerned about delivering time when ordering goods or services. So, one of the values you can add to your business or job is increasing the speed the time you deliver the value people are willing to pay for.  For instance, artisans are notable for not delivering on time in Nigeria, so, as a tailor, take advantage of this by beating your customers’ expectations by handling their jobs to them before the delivery date you gave them.

A person who can do it fast is considered to be a better and more competent person offering a higher level of quality than a person who does it slowly.

Make quality your hallmark

To be successful in any endeavour, you must offer something more qualitative than your competitors.

And remember, quality is whatever the customer says it is.  Total quality management can best be defined as: “Finding out what your customer wants and giving it to him or her faster than your competitors.”

Quality does not just mean greater durability or excellence in design.  Quality refers, first of all, to utility, to the use that the customer needs to put the product or service.  It is the customer’s specific need or the benefit that the customer seeks, that defines quality in his or her mind.

Be special

If you want to stand out in the industry you find yourself in, always add extra to what others are offering. Your customers would place you higher than your competitors because they would always get something extra from you.

You can add value to a product or service by improving the packaging or the design.  You can increase its value by simplifying its method of use.

Be easily accessible

The easier customers can access you, the more they would come to you. So, if you want to succeed in what you are doing, make it easier for those in need of your products or services to be able to get it.

This is what made Konga and Jumia online shops become a household name in the country.

Improve Customer Service

People are predominantly emotional, so if you want them to stay with you for a very long time, improve your customer service.

They are greatly impacted by the warmth, friendliness, cheerfulness and helpfulness of customer service representatives.  Many companies are using customer service as a primary source of competitive advantage in a fast-changing marketplace.

Understand trends

Changing lifestyles and demographics can create opportunities that will enable you to offer a product or service to an identifiable market that can make you wealthy in a short period.

These days everybody is going smart. So, take note of this while designing your marketing strategies.

Sell at a competitive price

Make your products as competitive as possible. This involves finding ways to sell higher and higher volumes of products and services to more and more people at lower and lower prices.

You can do this by offering a planned discount from time to time. Always remember that the more your turnover, the better for business.

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