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PTAD completes payment of overdue pensions to retirees

Felix Oloyede



PTAD completes payment of overdue pensions to retirees

The Directorate of Temporary Pension Arrangements, PTAD, has completed the payment of the arrears of the consequent adjustment to pensioners in the three operational departments of the Defined Benefits Scheme (DBS).

Gbenga Ajayi, Head of Corporate Communications at PTAD, revealed this in a statement made available to journalists on Monday in Abuja.

He said that the PTAD has completed the payment of arrears derived from the consequent adjustment of pensions to three of the four operational departments of the management.

Ajayi said it would be recalled that the payment followed presidential approval for a consequential adjustment to the retiree pension under the DBS as a result of the increase in the minimum wage in 2019.

He said that the PTAD started the payment of the pension increase in May 2021, with an accumulated delay of 24 months.

Mr Ajayi said that civil service pensioners were paid nine months out of 24 months in arrears, while parastatal, police, customs, immigration and prison pensioners were paid 12 months of arrears in May.

He said that in July 2021, PTAD paid an additional nine months of the consequent adjustment arrears caused by the 2019 minimum wage increase to retirees from the Civil Service Pensions Department and six months of the same arrears to the Department of Parastatals, Police, Customs, Immigration and Prisons. Retirees,

This brought the arrears paid so far to a total of 18 of the 24 months of arrears of the Increase in Pensions.

Mr Ajayi said that with the promise made by the Executive Secretary of PTAD, Dr Chioma Ejikeme, a greater part of the accumulated arrears has been paid, which has led to full payment in three operational departments, with the promise of paying the remaining arrears before the end. of the first quarter of 2022.

He said that the authorized departments are: Department of Parastatal Pensions, Department of Immigration Pensions and Customs Prisons and Department of Police Pensions; while a balance of three months of arrears is still owed to retirees under the Civil Service Pensions Department.

Mr Ajayi said that the Executive Secretary is committed to continuing to promote the welfare of the elderly in accordance with the mandate of the Directorate.

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