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Winners of Facebook’s 2021 Africa Community Accelerator Programme emerge

Joseph Oyekanmi



Facebook to hire 10,000 to build metaverse

Facebook announced the winners of the 2021 Facebook Community Accelerator Programme on Tuesday, highlighting 13 Facebook community leaders from Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya who will receive training, mentorship and up to $ 50,000 in funds to invest in an initiative that extends the positive impact of their community. The 13 winners emerged from over 13,000 applicants who entered the competition.

The Community Accelerator is part of Facebook’s Community Leadership Program, a global initiative that invests in building communities by people. Leaders will learn how to harness the power of their community to turn impactful ideas into action. This year’s cohort features a wide range of communities engaged in interesting activities with social impact ranging from tackling child sexual abuse to helping moms and sharing stories from ordinary and extraordinary Nigerians around the world.

“We are delighted to announce the 13 Facebook community leaders in Africa who have helped solve social challenges, empowering their audience with knowledge while connecting with others who share their interests or passion for a cause. . ” Kiran Yoliswa, Head of Partner Management, Community Partnerships for the Middle East and Africa at Facebook, said. “At Facebook, we’re committed to helping people reach their full potential through initiatives like this one. We want these community leaders to use the Facebook platform to drive change and provide support and encouragement to thousands of people. We are impressed with this year’s Community Accelerator results and look forward to helping our 2021 Community Accelerator winners amplify their influence for bigger work.

Community leaders from Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa under the Facebook Community Accelerator include:

Achimugu Elizabeth, Protect The Child Foundation ( (Nigeria) – Protect The Child Foundation is committed to protecting and defending the innocence of children against all forms of abuse and exploitation sexual. Our vision is to have a world in which children can live safely. A world free from child sexual abuse and all forms of abuse.

Godwin Juliet, Naija Graphic Designers ( (Nigeria) – Established in 2008, this creative community connects the graphic design industry in Nigeria and beyond with the aim of supporting, developing and providing opportunities for graphic designers to raise industry standards. The community connects employers with freelancers and supports creative women.

Izevbokun Osamakue, Mothers, Kids And More (MKM) ( (Nigeria) – An impactful community for Nigerian and African women (and their children) to help each other move forward in their lives personal and professional. The goal of the community is to extract and recognize the potential inside and out and empower women to reach out to other women when they need help. Their long-term mission is to be able to have a centre where women can enter and empower themselves.

Michael Louisa, Natural Hair Babes ( (Nigeria) – Large community focused on natural hair, brotherhood, and the cultural and economic empowerment of Nigerian women and girls. They created an entrepreneurial sales network in November 2020 when we launched our flagship product, a highly effective natural hair herb for the maintenance of natural hair. So far, 160 women have been empowered as distributors.

Mwaniki Sam, Teachers’ Notice Board Kenya ( (Kenya) – This group is focused on national cohesion and integration by bringing together teachers, trainees and tutors from all colleges of training teachers in Kenya to build relationships, share job vacancies and promote businesses.

Nworah Martin, Tales of Nigerians ( (Nigeria) – Tales of Nigerians is an emotional support and mental well-being community where members have a safe space to share their experiences of real life. Through community events, training and outreach activities on the ground, we have directly reached approximately 20,000 members. Our long-term positive impact is to continue to equip our growing members with the right tools to develop their emotional intelligence, mental well-being and synergy with other members.

Ogudoro Peter, Nigerian teachers ( (Nigeria) – This community of Nigerian teachers has the great ambition to change the country’s education system, one teacher at a time. The community is made up mostly of teachers who do not receive good training services from their employers for the very important jobs they hold. The community strives to help them acquire the skills they need to make Nigeria’s education system globally competitive.

Olisa Enoch, Prepare for JAMB UTME ( (Nigeria) – Prepare for JAMB UTME helps students prepare for the University of Nigeria Entrance Exam with learning resources and news. Their long-term mission is to have all the learning resources (exam syllabus, quiz, study notes, videos, question and answer forum) in one place, which members should be able to access freely or through. a subscription service.

Philip Udeochu, Portfolio 9 (Community) ( (Nigeria) – is a digital entrepreneurship and empowerment platform (DEEP) whose mandate is to bring entrepreneurship and training professional to people at the bottom of the pyramid in Africa through social networks. P9’s mission is to make entrepreneurship accessible by ‘simplifying’ it and delivering it ‘in an innovative way’ to everyone’s doorstep through collective and interactive learning and support, using systems and social media tools. P9 has supported the learning needs of a growing community of over 500,000 members (currently).

Ramuada Tshililo, South African Arts & Culture Youth Forum ( (South Africa) – SAACYF is a community that trains and empowers disadvantaged artists from townships and rural areas of South Africa by a partnership with other organizations, businesses and governments. Their objective is to make artistic, cultural and heritage opportunities accessible to poor disadvantaged artists through job creation.

Splinters Lucretia, The Official Ocean View / Slangkop Group ( (South Africa) – Ocean View (originally named Slangkop) was established in 1968 by the apartheid government as a township for people of colour who are forcibly evicted. The community is historically disadvantaged, poverty-stricken and affected by a wide range of social ills. The FB Group promotes safety and security, as well as the delivery of education, hospital care, food and community improvement programs to empower local people.

Urhefe Ofejiro, Naija Nurses Forum ( (Nigeria) – Established in 2012, this is a community of nurses across Nigeria who collaborate to provide quality health services and access to individuals, while supporting each other and sharing best practices in their profession.

Wala Amakove, Wanderlust Diaries Ltd ( (Kenya) – brings together a community of travellers to share stories. Founded at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, this mega-community of African travellers promotes ecotourism in Kenya and other African countries as a driver of community development.

To develop their community, all the selected leaders spent five months learning from experts, coaches and a personalized program. They learned the fundamentals of community identity, leading action-oriented programs and sustainability. They also had early access to new Facebook products aimed at helping communities better manage and activate their members.


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