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Joshua knocks out Ngannou in two rounds




Joshua floors Ngannou. Photo: BBC/Getty Image

Former Heavyweight champions, Anthony Joshua has knocked out former UFC champion, Francis Ngannou in round two of their 10-round heavyweight bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The Nigerian-born Joshua, 34 knocked out Cameroon’s Ngannou in each of the rounds.

In round one, Ngannou was looking for that big shot with his right but Joshua was able to stay out of danger.

The knockdown came after Ngannou switched to southpaw and Joshua threw a straight right, landing beautifully on the chin.

In round two, Joshua’s heavy punch dropped Ngannou for a second time. He beat the count and then Joshua put him down with one punch and that ended the contest.

The Cameroonian laid flat on his back for some time after taking Joshua’s punch but the medics were quick into the ring to provide treatment, after which he sat on his stool receiving some oxygen.

Speaking to DAZN after knocking out Ngannou, Joshua said “On the road to the championship, you should always stay focused.

“I thought this was something for the broadcasters to get behind. When I saw the fight with Tyson Fury I thought I want some of that. He is a great champion and this doesn’t take anything away from his capabilities. I told him not to leave boxing. He’s two fights in and he fought the best.”

He added: “The Ben Davison performance centre, I appreciate them highly. All of these guys that I worked with until this day. I’m just hungry. Stay hungry and all that good stuff.

“It only takes one shot in the heavyweight division. Joseph Parker is one of my favourite fighters, he had it tough and look at him now. I’m just doing it while I’m here and making the most of it. In five years I won’t be fighting.

“Eddie Hearn and my team will shape my future. I’m going back to my cage and when they let me out, I’ll fight again.

“The people of Cameroon, I appreciate you. Africa united, respect. Everyone here tonight, I appreciate you. Thank you to Francis Ngannou.”

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