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I don’t need title to serve in Tinubu’s administration — Fashola



Fashola, a close aide of Tinubu, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the Lagos State University, Ojo, on Tuesday.

The former Lagos State Governor, who also served as Tinubu’s Chief of Staff when the President was governor of the state. was responding to a question on his role in the present administration at the federal level and possibility of an appointment.

He said, “I do not need a title to serve: the president can only appoint at least one minister, for example, from each state which he has done that.

“There are just enough places in parastatals, they are doing that; we are estimated to be 200 million, so there are not enough offices to take everybody.

“All of us must play our roles as citizens, and a citizen does not need a title to serve.

“The biggest title you need is that of being citizen and play our role; we are also talking about the next generation.

”If some do not move on, where is the place for the next batch?”

He said there was the need to bring more outstanding public spirited people to occupy spaces as they evolve.

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