In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Embarking on the journey of launching a record label is both gratifying and purposeful. My zeal for Nigerian music is what propels me. I see establishing a record label as a gateway to unearthing the gifts of emerging artistes and nurturing their talents. Through this initiative, we aim to not only their musical creations but also potentially steer the trajectory of afrobeats and the entire music landscape. The accolades that afrobeats is enjoying worldwide was another motivating factor for me to start creating the label.”

Commenting on the global acceptance that afrobeats is currently enjoying, Ekenonmaghele said, “Entertainers, including musicians, actors, and comedians, hold a pivotal role in making people happy. In today’s fast-paced world, many are constantly seeking avenues to unwind and temporarily break free from their daily struggles. Thus, the current surge in recognition for Afrobeats signifies to me that the world has embraced our distinctive sound. This serves as a catalyst for me to deepen my efforts and contribute earnestly to the evolution of Nigeria’s entertainment industry.”