About Bubble Up

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Established in 1919 in the United States, Bubble Up is renowned as the pioneering Lemon-Lime soft drink and PET Mixers brand in Africa, with over 100 years of expertise and a presence in more than 20 countries. Now hitting Nigeria, Bubble Up introduces its innovative range of products: Bubble Up Lemon Lime, Bitter Lemon and Chapman, at an affordable price, promising a delightful experience for all.

With a mission to refresh the world and spread good vibes, Bubble Up breaks free from the ordinary, offering a wave of freshness and fun. For Bubble Up, inclusivity is key, ensuring everyone can enjoy a unique taste experience without compromise.

What sets Bubble Up apart is not only its rich heritage, unique taste and quality but also, it is proudly being produced in Nigeria by Planet Bottling Company with a factory in Ogun state.


About Planet Bottling Company

Bubble Up exemplifies Planet Bottling Company’s dedication to crafting exceptional beverages that leave a lasting impression on consumers. Our aim is to contribute excellence to Nigerian production, delivering unrivaled value, unique taste, and innovative product designs.

Our state-of-the-art factory in Ogun State, Nigeria, boasts high ultra-modern production capacity to meet the soaring demand for quality beverages in the Nigerian market.

At Planet Bottling Company, it is our mission to provide the best quality product for our customers. We understand that Nigerians are looking for beverages that are not only affordable, but also provide quality taste and Bubble Up is the perfect combination of both.